Baraja the blue elephant

Baraja is a elephant. As far as I know, the only elephant that can type. Must be a hard task for a elephant, because A. No fingers B. Big hands. Baraja was banned from swtor for playing rugby with his next door neighbor, which is strictly against the code of conduct. He does enjoy the rugby though, even if it causes his next store neighbor to bleed. (full disclosure: Baraja's next door neigbor is a 13 year old girl.)

Baraja is also the orginial Blue Elephant, unconfirmed sources claim he also practices Kung-Fu. Un-Unconfirmed sources claim he has a small dick. Un-un-un confirmed sources confirm that he is in conformity with squirrels. Baraja, Sobchak and salo_pano once embarked on a wonderful trek across the ethereal planes of Intertrons in search for the fabled Squirrelercules. This adventure seved as the source material for the biblical story of the Three Wise Men, and later The Matrix.

Anyone that reads a post by Baraja is suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to eat his shit. With a teaspoon. In order to understand Baraja, one must first understand Baraja. Later on Baraja came back as Gloober who almost won the Elections for OT Alliance President, but resigned.