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Join Date: January 2011
Avatar: Used to change rapidly. Currently Geonosian


Guild(s): The OT Alliance
Other Group(s): Emerald Gaming
Alternate Account(s): Numerous
Banned Account(s): A few
Allies: Most of the OT
Enemies: Not many, pretty much liked
Current Location: New OT, Emerald Gaming
Game Info
Class: Not in-game
Role-Play: Occasionally


"Causa" also know as "Grumpy Causa" and "Causan" as the name goes is by a few 08'ers, 09'ers and 10'ers opinions "the cool kid" or "The best 11'er". Despite these titles (s)he's actually quite a humble and frequent Star Wars: The Old Republic community poster. Being an 11'er (s)he is very lowly but is not quite as idiotic as other 11'ers however, just as everyone else, (s)he can be idiotic at times. As akin to some other OT'ers, (s)he has utterly abandoned The Old Republic since the The Deletion and hasn't considered purchasing it since. Causa, as with a lot of other OT'ers; is excited for the upcoming Wildstar Online.

The Mystery Of Causa

"Dude, you're a guy"

- Daroska adressing Causa's "gender"

Daroska often Speculates that Causa is a transvestite, possibly because of Causa's androgynos nature, belief that females are in every way equal to males, his desire to be uni-sex, and having the same reactions to gay females that (s)he does to gay males. To annoy Causa Daroska also will sometimes refer to him as "she" or "her". Causa has reccently concluded that it is Pansexual.



Friends and Foes.

Causa has also accumulated a lot friends and enemies during his time in the OT. Most of the people whom dislike him do so for odd or arbitrary reasons (by Causa's standards), Grimeth would be a good example. For the most part (s)he is on good terms with most of the OT posters.

Comments here

"Causa is some weird guy nobody really knows or cares about." -Matieu

"You fucking yankee." -CollaWars

"Causa is a hamster riding a motorbike through the ocean." -Daroska

"Causa... he's better than most 11ers." -Branch

*Removed for having nothing to do with Causa*' -Causa

"Causa is....Well, Causa quite frankly" -Jet

"No..." -Scott

"Dude Causa gave me +10 respect points my life is complete!" - Meatlocker

"Causa is the king of bacon, all vegans beware!" -Spike09

"A wild Causa appears!" - OT Chat

"Mi Causa es su Causa." -Scott


  • Causa has been known to frequently engage in sexual activities with his dear mother.
  • Causa had a guest appearance in the new hit movie "The Hunger Games".
  • Causa has three dogs: Sparky, Max, and Little Man
  • Causa won second place at a Tango competition in Dallas, Texas
  • When Causa was 7, he was on Toddlers And Tiaras
  • Causa suffers from Acrophobia (Fear of heights)
  • Causa and Sandvich are going to kick your ass
  • During every month, Daroska enjoys annoying Causa, which makes him go on his period early. stop giving a shit. - is example of early period session. Nope. Clearly, you don't know a period works. (I'll just leave this here for now) I know a period works *.*
  • Causa possesses Pyro skillz
  • At age 981, Causa finally learned how to manipulate. Causa of course, has been abusing this ability ever since