I am here to annoy you. Not to help you.

At the age of 10, cdstephens ran away from his home in the middle of North Dakota. With only 10 bucks, a bicycle, and 3 bottles of Vicodin, he traveled the oceans of Winsconsin to eventually reach his destination: New York City. There, he realized his true calling; after arguing and conning his way through NYC for 8 years, he took the Bar Exam and passed. Now a lawyer, he proceeded to defend the city's most despicable criminals, and also did some manga drawing on the side.

He is most noted for his work "Mai-chan's Daily Life." Unfortunately, the mods caught on to his nefarious ploys, and decided to hire an assassin by the name of E. Not surprisingly, E was easily defeated by cdstephens, but unfortunately for him he decided to drink in her tears as he slowly tortured her to death. This soon gave him a craving for human tears, and made his new goal in life to drink in the tears of everyone possible.

In order to do this, he went to his old friend that went only by the name of "Q" for cybernetic attachements in order to maximize tear drinking. Unfortunately, the mods caught wind of his plan and sniped him with a ban hammer while he was talking to Q. Luckily, Q was able to resurrect him with the cybernetic parts. Now forever undead, cdstephens roams the world in search of tears as he aspires to be not only Zombie Lord of the OT, but Zombie Lord of the World (and your mom). Ever since that day, the mods have been slapping infraction after infraction on him, not knowing that there is no stopping this half human, half machine, half monster beast of destruction.

He also enjoys long walks on the beach and watching shooting stars in the open night sky.

Made by cdstephens