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Darth Godzilla was a member on the Torums that frequently posted in the OT. He claimed himself as Emperor of the OT but foolishly as nobody supported him. He signed up for New OT finally, but never posts. He was scared a virus would attack the computer and he'd get in trouble with his mom.


DarthGodzilla enjoys playing video games, watching star wars, hitting on girls, and more. He enjoy the State why you would kill the person above you and threads like it. In last one to post Winz threads DarthGodzilla likes to hid the Winz in an undisclosed location, in an undisclosed galaxy, in an undisclosed time period. DarthGodzilla has a Nexu for an avatar/pet, and a Wookiee as a companion.

DarthGodzilla's Nexu avatar is always smiling ... and hungry. DarthGodzilla only uses Wookiee smilys because droids don't rip peoples arms off when they lose, Twi'leks would make me look like a girl, I can't tell what Mon Calamari's are expressing, and humans are boring.