"It's not MonkFish, it's not FishMunk, it's FiskMunk!"

-FiskMunk, enraged by the mispelling and mockery of his name.

An aged oculophile, whom also appears to have quite a taste for young children of male gender, JedivsSith being his primary target at the time. Fortunately, JvS is armed with a whole arsenal of weapons and has sniped down FiskMunk during many of his previous pedophilic attempts.

#1 Correction! JvS is not armed with an arsenal of weapons, but merely a broken spoon - Thus, FiskMunk has successfully molested the young boy at several occasions.

#2 Correction! JvS was streaking by his own accord those times and the rest of the time FiskMunk had just gotten too much brain damage from the pedo-killer to remember.

#3 Correction! FiskMunk has no memory of his brain tissue getting damaged. Ever. Thus, it's never happened! Also, JvS is a naughty boy.