Lightsaber yakuza

JvS enjoying a day in the OT

Jedivssith is best known for doing something. How am I supposed to know what, I'm him you moron and I hope someone who knows what I'm known for edits this!

History Edit

Originally joining in early March, Jedivssith spend most of his early time of account existence sitting back and smugly smiling to himself as he got the less-than-regular newsletter. Then, upon the release of one of the Developer Blogs, he immediately spotted his first ever post he disagreed with in the comments and posted. As soon as he posted, he realised that he had not posted in the forums yet and hadn't even picked an avatar. Immediately, he remedied that problem by getting himself a HK-47 avatar and making it his own.

Mostly interested in Star Wars at the time, he decided to start his Off-Topic career in the strangest of the places. The Star Wars Discussion Forum. Throughout the place, he spread his Off-Topicness throughout it, but something was missing. No-one seemed to care about his Off-Topicness in the Star Wars Discussion, they were here for Star Wars.

Soon enough, when logging into the Star Wars Discussion he noticed a particular thread in the "Most Recent Post" link glaring next to the link to the Off-Topic Section. The thread was: "UK vs. USA". He just couldn't resist. He clicked on it and began the discussion. JvS was amazed at how much faster the people posted and soon began to move onto other subjects in the Off-Topic.

[restored to its better state]