"Probably the best troll incident we will be witnessed to, bravo to them"

- Darka

Jessica Grove was an old OTer Pre-Purge. She is known for creating the Wall of Shame and making the best troll in OT history.


There was a time before the Great Purge where legends and communitiy co-existed together as a finite singular entity. During those days community and laughter were among the greatest ever witnessed to in a forum. With the establishment of many fan sites, fan friendly threads, and IRC chats, the time showed great promise in community advancements. There was much potential at that time. Meesh and Darka controlled the forums with a gentle but ironic iron fist, Sean Dahlberg was lazy and Amy Cryder was hawt!!!

The Four Winds

During this time a member known as JessicaGrove (The Notorious JG) posted frequently on the forums. Among her were great posters including Torm, Baraja, and Isis. They banded together to create a syndicate many like to call, "The Four Winds". The Four Winds established a website (Torm's Super Awesome Team) TSAT where only a select few were invited to gather. The place garnered much attention and though few ever stepped inside the golden halls during the days, the site was regarded with greatness.

TOR Wall of Shame

JessicaGrove is known to have created the TOR WALL OF SHAME. An elaborate masterpeice and a relic from that time. It was lost during the great purge..



Downfall of the NOTORIOUS JG and the revelation

Epic Troll was perm banned after the revelation. It came in a message, a suicide letter. After which prompted many of the troll's loyal friends to call the NYPD in hopes of saving the troll. When all was said and done, the REAL JESSICA GROVE (broadway actress) woke up to pounding in her front door. After much chaos, the cops were told to get the fuck out and leave me alone. "I HATE STAR WARS!"



Everyone was butt fucked.. mentally and emotionally hurt. The first ever Troll victory.. And the sad thing is, no one knows who the EPIC TROLL was. It's clear that the motivation came from the desire to cause major butt fuck... but leaving no clues behind is just mean.


Scientific research has created an astounding amount of theorys to try and resolve the case. So far the connections are being made as far back to October 08. A forum member named Alstroemeria was also banned for pretending to be someone she was not. Some have led this connection to be the first of many trial and errors to perfecting the major storm that was coming. Some traces of perpertrator have been found but with few evidence to support theorys, it may be that the EPIC TROLL is the only one who knows the true motivation, and the true person.

Whatever it is that the Notorious JG is hiding.. it must be within the forums, hidden and still remaining a secret. Some say she still lingers, some say she is dead (killed by the real jessica grove), some say she got bored and killed herself... All of those theorys pale in comparison to what we all know - epic troll is epic.