Lancendo in his mortal form.

"I'm immortal. I do immortal things."

-Words of Lancendo

"All he did was fucking heal me."


Lancendoism is an OT religion, widely preached by Pastor Wilbourn III. Followers of this religion are known as Lancendrones. Lancendoism is a form of Wilbournism.

The Smuggler King

Lancendo is the smuggler-king. And is the greatest hero-god of Mankind, and worshipped as the protector and patron of just rulership and civil society. He was created by Wilbourn on the 4th build of beta. And on that day, the world changed forever. Lancendo was praised for his healing powers and way with teh ladiez.

Death and Reincarnation

On the end of beta. Lancendo was lost into the deep void of betalessness. But in the Wilbourn Prophecy it is told that on the 13th of December, Lancendo will arise from the void and save all, but in his beginning form. But he shall be even more powerful than before.



There are others out there that believe the ways of Lancendo are unjust and annoying. The most widely known is Grimeth, who was once affiliated with Lancendo in beta. Grimeth complained of constant healing, even when it wasn't needed. Thus made Grimeth ending up running off of the balconies of Coruscant.