The OT Survivor is the second most famous forum game in the OT, behind L12PW. In this game 10 players, fight against eachother in numerous challenges chosen by the host. The original game was created by MrEvilDude, credited for the creation of the game, but has been take over by Matieu, who revolutionized the game, and once by Branch and Bobabounty.


The Goal of OT Survivor was Simple, complete the challenges presented by the host to win Immunity, which prevented you from being voted out of the game. At the end of each challenge, vote out the member of OT Survivor you dislike. Continue until you get to the end, where all those you had a hand in voting out choose who wins. The Game is the same as the real Survivor, currently on its 23rd season.

Pre- 4/22 GamesEdit

The first Survivor was created by MrEvilDude, and had many OTers applying for a position. Among these were Matieu, Branch, Ryukil, Ulyaoth and the infamous ForceGrandMaster. The games were amazing. The challenges were awesome. People that weren't in the games watched to see what would happen. FGM took control in an alliance, voting out who he deemed unfit to play, with the help of Matieu, Branch, and a few others. Then MED mysteriously vanished. FGM tried to keep it alive, but his attempt was futile (however he would make a challenge that would be used in future seasons). The Game fell away, and apparently it was gone forever. About a month later, one of the game's members and soon to be most well-known host, Matieu took the bull by the horns and remade the great game.

Season 2, Mat was at the head, of the many people to join were, Branch, DarthGodzilla, Soulself, UltimateDarkLord, and the new member, Imperiosus (There were others, but as the deletion occured, the names cannot be found). In a stunning and exciting season, Imperiosus controlled who went out and when, finding hidden Immunity Idols and using them to take out his enemies. Eventually, he forced Godzilla and UDL to join with him, and the three went to the end. All those voted out were allowed back to vote on who deserved the win, and Imperiosus was the unanimous victor. This would be the only Pre-4/22 completed season of Survivor. Soon after Branch and Bobabounty foolishly created Season 3 and 4 a week after Season 2's end. It had all it's members in, but died out as people lost interest.

Post- 4/22 GamesEdit

5 days after the devastation of The Deletion, Matieu created the Survivor once more. This season was just as amazing as the second one. Only this one was scored by pure might and power of one player. There were no alliances. The final three and most notable members of the game were TheMortonator, Shoshana (which turned out to be Nemis a few months later) and Daroska. Other Members taking part were Branch (yet again), Soup, and Nemis. In the end, 08ers Mort and Daroska went head to head. Mort finally won in a landslide. However certain members of the game called bullshit and said it was because he was more popular. But that's wrong. It's just because Mort is that awesome. The game still holds the record of the most posts in any thread in the New OT, and held the position of most views for four months after its conclusion, only to be taken over by images of leaked Smuggler Footage. It holds second place now.

Season 6 was supposed to be made by Causa, but he was too lazy. So Matieu made it again. This time, the OT and the Survivor were being hit by a new fad. THE WOLFPACK!!!!! New members part of the Wolfpack were CollaWars, KingWilbourn, GSG, and Scott. The Game did not come as close to fame as the other seasons Matieu hosted, but it was still very popular. Soup became a well-known Wolfpack member and came back for his second season in Survivor. Bobabounty also attended. This season the Admins were granting wishes. Whoever won could get anything they wanted from the Admins. And the Wolfpack was aimed on winning a Wolfpack only forum. The Wolfpack dominated, finally arriving at the final 6, all Wolfpack members. CollaWars, however, was not content and made his move, removing GSG after the rest of Wolfpack refused to vote. They were stunned, and Colla removed another member, Boba. He won immunity again and voted out Wilbourn, leaving Scott, Soup, and himself. Soup won immunity, and was allowed to choose who was voted out. In a stunning choice, he removed Scott, costing him the win. Even with his betrayal, Colla was chosen as the favorite and became the third winner of OT Survivor.

Season 7 is currently in the works. A member worth mentioning this season would have to be MorriganSage. This page will be updated when there is a winner...