Scott (AKA GuardianScott on TOR)
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Join Date: November 2008
Avatar: Jedi Knight
Gender: Male. He has proof
Guild(s): Fillorean Society, The OT Alliance
Other Group(s): Wolfpack,
Alternate Account(s): Cleverbot, more unknown
Banned Account(s): Bananasock, more unknown
Allies: OT by fear and respect
Enemies: N/A
Current Location: New OT
Game Info
Class: Not in-game, JK when he gets luckeh
Role-Play: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

"Bitch... you can't eat me... I eat you! '/NOMS"- Scott to Mrs Scott

"Keggerz..." -Scott

Scott (aka Guardian Scott or Scoot) is one of the oldest and greatest members of the OT. He is an 08er that survived the Purge while still posting through the crap that came afterwards. He often coined the phrase "Learn to swim..." He is now a prominant figure in the New OT off the TORums, known as Papa Scott (mama Scott to Daroska). His kid is the great and epic Bowdaar.


2008 - 2009

Before he was known to the OT Scott spent his time in the CC (community creations). Where he started his RP character that he has RPed since. He also took part in the Great Holocron Hunt as the leader of the Neutrals (or Independants)... which ended with blame being pointed at one of the site creators and the site removed.


While he is not the most well known OTer he posted with some of the greats. His presence in the OT became more notable around the summer of 09 when members such as Spanky and Tureil started to roam the boards. His first friend on TOR was Reapyr, a bounty hunter with ADD and OCD fapping (as well as a major influence on TOR's RP section).

The start of Spanky's "Friday Night Party" threads and L12PW (last one to post wins) threads were often a sight for Scott; actively giving the MODs a headache. But Scott had a love hate relationship with the MODs; one time even proposing to Donna. Till this day it is assumed he is a favorite child, as he has yet to be banned form the TORums. Towards the end of 2009 Scott was offered to join the Fillorean Society (mentioned to him by Tureil one night in a conversation with Turry, him, and his friend DarthShadie. An offer was extended to him by his old nemisis and forum grammar nazi, Lepras (JML). Lepras and Scott had become friends a while before after arguing a couple times. Scott took the invitation and joined the ranks of the small RP guild The Fillorean Society.

He also created the greatest RP Wiki Page of All-Time. However he is currently rivaled by Matieu's page made later in 2011.


The start of 2010 saw little of Scott in the OT as he was in South Africa (according to guild members and himself). When he resurfaced new faces had appeared and the OT was not as it was before, again. His presence was at best scattered with little of overly notable events occuring. When he returned more perminantly towards the end of summer '10 he had a different face. That more of a troll that his usual self (possibly from hanging out with Xfracture and mojorfett too much).


A slightly more active year starting with the permanent closure of the OT forums on TOR. This is where Scott's legacy in the TOR OT comes in. After having already created forums for the new OT guild (OTA) he opened the forums to all those from the recently closed OT. In the summer of '11 it is noted that Scott had a kid, Bowdaar, but continued to run the new OT forums nonetheless. Bowdaar is an epic kid. Rumors have spread of Bowdaar's children with Vegas stripers. None of these have been proven however. Scott was also married in the fall of '11.


Scott has reverted the OTA into the OT as the OTA rarely use the forums anymore.

"It is still a home for the OTA, but it is no longer a guild driven forums, it is simply a community one." -Scott

"Eh... scratch that... we're no longer affiliated with TOR or the OTA." -Scott


At the new year, Scott still remains the head honcho of Nuevo OT. Taking the newest face of Admin into his ranks. Ulyaoth. His once vile nemesis and polar opposite of the OT.

In March, Scott left the OT for the first time. His job required training in Texas and he was required to depart. He left the OT in a state of self preservation. Like a mother lepard allowing her children to roam free in the jungle of teh interwebz. He appointed Burkman as his replacement. Along with Uly who was elected earlier in the year.

Scott Products Unlimited


The Logo for New OT when Scott hasn't made a new one yet

"Heil Scott!"

-Someone after seeing one of his creations

Scott has created some of the awesomest things in the OT! Along with being creater of New OT, he also designs it into its various looks. Not only New OT, but also the site (and other products) for his RP guild, Fillorean Society.

Scott still hasn't made a new banner for the newly named OT Legacy.

It's better than ever. -with love, Burkman

Scott Chain

Guardian Scott's RP character. An extremely, in-depth and complicated character with a very different background. Scott is a hardened T'vian who was picked up by the Jedi Order at a young age when they retook Balmorra. T'vian are Scott's alien species who hail from the Unknown Territories. They appear the same as humans, but change when they pull on the Force. Scott goes through numerous battles and duels as he explores the galaxy. Chain makes an appearance in The OT Alliance: Heroes & Creation.


-Scott is a third and second generation Irishman married to a second generation illegal imagrant wife.

-Scott has a BS degree in Geology and minored in GIS and astrophysics (plz hire nao).

-Scott won an international chili cook off in South Africa.

-Scott has jumped off the worlds highest bungy jump bridge.

-Scott has gone shark diving with great whites but claims they were "tiny".

-Scott was almost sponsored by Quicksilver as a proffesional surfer at Supertubes, but declined in order to complete school.

-Scott left home when he was 17... after being sent to live with his relatives in Ireland when he was 16.

-Scott cnd bench press >9000!

-Scott can control time and shoot lightening from his fingertips!

-Scott has two tattoos.

-Scott likes to make a lot of pointless trivia about him self in spite of Causa. <3

-Scott likes rum... and alcohol in general.

-Scott is lazy and unattentive. He likes to manipulate others to do the work for him. MUAHAHAHAHA

-Scott is a Vorchaz sea turtle tiger seaturtle vorchaz


-Scott likes his Photoshop. If you see any banners or logos in the OT, OT Wiki, or FS they were probably made by him.

-Scott has testicles made of gold. They are perfectly level. When Scott isn't sure if a picture he hung up is level or not, he uses his balls to measure.

-Scott is to the OT as Aria is to Omega. Don't fuck with Papa Scott...

Better watch out for Cerberus, because they'll try to take it from you.

Scoot iz nao everywhur on le wiki... lolololololol