"Then, I'm guessing when Kreia said to the Exile, "You are the greatest I have ever trained." was also correct? Woo-hoo. Revan < Exile."

- Selkath

"No, her bias applies then, and only then. Otherwise everything she says is 100% factual."

- Barringer

There once was a fishman named Selkath, who didn't really know how to do math. After days of addition, his whole sanitation, consisted of 1 lifetime bath. Selkath is a Revan-hating fish.


  • "Selkath is like a shark. Rawr. I is Revan Hater!!! RAWR!"
  • "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, and much more importantly, has sex like a duck, then guess what? It's a duck."
  • "May I sell you some kath?"
  • "Sobchak is a hobbit? I thought he was some kind of mecha-space armadillo. Or something. "

Personality :Edit

"Selkath is the pinnacle of unbiased detailing on star wars characters."

- Shooba

Selkath is teh most awesome fish person ever to walk the planet.

  • In short, he's a troll, hates Revan, and is infamous for setting up multiple threads like "Revan VS The Witch King" or "Revan VS Hogger." And is now much more famous due to the fact that he went bat-**** crazy.
  • He is blissfully ignorant of the Selkath forums, and whenever someone refers to the Selkath forums, he thinks they are talking about him. This has inflated his pride and ego, since the Selkath forums get only positive feedback.
  • Selkath actually wrote the two above bullets. But not this one.
  • The poster Selkath is VASTLY inferior to the Selkath forums (duh).
  • Recently has gone bat-shit crazy due to one troll that managed to get Selkath to take the bait. It was hilarious. By hilarious we mean it was as funny as a retarded kid in a clown costume.
  • "Not everyone feels the need to post inconsequential shit like "Revan V.S. Hogger" <== Directed @ Selkath while he was bragging about his post count.

Other Uses for the word "Selkath" :Edit

  • Selkath is a crime-ring that operates in the SW:TOR Forums. Little is known about it other than they have a stiff price on narcotics, and are the only sources of narcotics in the galaxy.
  • Selkath are a proud and noble species characterised by testicles of the face. They are also fine purveyors of kolto.