The Off-Topic section (or simply the OT) in The Old Republic forum was once the sprawling heart of the forum - though some preferred to call it a "hive of scum and villainy". It was considered the hottest and most interesting place on the whole forum until it's closure along with the visitor walls on April 22th, 2011.


See: History of the OT

In the Begining & First Golden Age

At an invitation-only press event on October 21, 2008, LucasArts reveals it's new MMO in the making, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Along with this was a new website for the coming game. It would have numerous lands to explore. The General Discussion (which would later become the GD Empire), the Star Wars Discussion, and the Community Creations to name a few. But one stood out. One that was unlike the others. This was the Off-Topic Discussion at the bottom left side of the forums.

The OT would grow. And few members will grow into the first OTers. TheMortonator, Torm, Bluestone, Daroska, Baraja, Scott and of course Sobchak, to name a few. As the OT grew, so did the General Discussion. Soon it became great and created the GD Empire. The Empire soon became the Mod's pets and some what of a puppet community. While the GD became the Mod's favorite child, the OT became the least favorite. Giving out infraction left and right was fine for the OTers. Soon the amount of infractions you had made you superior in some ways. Leaders of this Era are numerous. Sobchak and his followers, Torm and the Four Winds, Darka and Meesh. Everything was fine until Dahlberg grew bored.

Post- Purge & Silver Age

After the Purge, the OT was lost, to say the least. The good news was the OT was back, the bad news was it came with a price. The OTers were thinned out. Many of the funniest were banned and there were more newbs. Along with less true OTers there came more Mods. One of these Mods was MichelleArcher, otherwise known as Meesh the Betrayer. Soon some OTers grew tired of newbs and left. A few OTers, such as Scott and FGM stayed to help the dying OT. They would do well enough to keep it alive, but not enough to get it out of it's death bed.

Eventually, a new leader would arise. Shoshana! She would become one of the most influencial OTers ever and rivals Torm and Sobchak as the greatest. She would keep the OT alive as all listened to her words and followed. None would have her power. Then came more OTers that would have a big impact on the OT's future. Bobabounty, Jetbounty, Colla and Drowsi were most notable. But then came the day that the real world caught Shoshana. She left the OT which plunged it into a horrific version of itself. Some called it Post- Shoshana Anarchy. Whatever you called it, it was a dark and sad time for the true OTers.

Dark Age & Deletion

My tombstone


"The smart OTers know the OT isn't dead. People just act like it is."

- Daroska

Later, in the close peaceful land of Star Wars Discussion, there was a war at work. A fanboy war in a long played Elimination game. It included the companions from both Kotor games. Meatlocker wasn't the creator, but is credited by the Mods as the creator. In these games was a young member, Branch, who grew tired of the high scoring battle in the Kotor game. He created two of his own which caught the attention of the Mods. They were moved to the OT which angered the OTers as well as the game players. However with the games would bring some of the greatest OTers such as Matieu.

During the Dark Ages, the OT would be semi-controled by the Noobs (Angels of Death by Jetbounty) and some veterans that enjoyed the new OTers such as FGM. This wasn't cool for many members. Since Shoshana left, many OTers left the OT and left it to this new generation. Life carried on in the OT. It was alive but barely. Soon the Noobs would learn to become like the older generations. Learning memes and history. On November 16, 2010 the Noobs showed their worth. While OTA strived the OT became weak. There were many losers creating threads about reviving the OT which vets new was impossible.

Finally, the Mods saw the OT as dead. They decided to pull the plug and delete the Off-Topic Discussion. The OT Alliance kept the OT alive barely with it's own website. It added members that weren't even OTA members such as Spanky and Tureil. Soon more came like Spanky's girlfriend, Morrigan and Spike from Emerald Gaming. For a continuation of the history of the OTer way, go to New OT.


On June 27, 2013, approximately 2 years,  2 months and 5 days after the Moderators struck the OT with all their might, the OT was ressurected from its grave. The people at New OT quickly took over. Faces were seen that had not been seen for a millenia. It is unknown what the Moderator's motives are to bringing back the OT. And if it is a way to lure us in for one, final strike. All is known is that its back. And once more, the OT will live.

The New OT is still here. As the watchful elites.

Shoshana lives and hacked this. 8/13/13