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"Long live the TPR!"


The Posting Rebellion was a faction started on the OT of the TORums. It's rivals included the 3rd Riech and _____.


(Story told by TheMortonator)

I will merely tell the story. See, it was late one night when a new OTer made a thread suggesting that we have a traditional plus and minus posting battle, but that this time it would use forumers broken up into fractions. There were a lot of rules and stuff that I didn't care about at all. It was late and I was feeling cheeky. So, I saw that the OP's faction was the Empire of Moderation (At least, I think it was Moderation, a word similar to that at least) which meant that I had to lampoon and fill in every blank in the most ridiculous way possible. I made our anthem of many songs, our color rainbow, our proclamation very silly, and our official government an anarchy for The Posting Rebellion, which quite fortunately fit into my theme of having groups named The [Word starting with "P"] Rebellion.

Then, I went to sleep with no thought that anyone would care one bit about it the next morning.

I think it was actually a day or two latter I checked on the forums again. Low and behold, the thread had taken off into a massive conglomeration with over ten group vying for fake power and The Posting Rebellion standing strong as easily the largest group of them all with twice the nearest contender. The jokes and ways that had been established were part of The Posting Rebellion's growing personilty were hilarious and frankly left me laughing for a good long time. I never cared once for the actual "game" part that the thread was building up towards and frankly I doubt anyone else in The Posting Rebellion did either. Despite which, our clearly superior methods and technological advantages (Also know as trollolololing.) led to our group growing to well over 50 members and even so far as to grow to twice the size of a group of over seven other nations known as the Axis which was almost everyone else in the game after many groups joined together. Basically, when the actual thread for battle went up my official statement was something along the lines of "We nuke everyone else." That was rather hard to argue with given our size.


Now, let me sing for you the songs of our people. (And don't forget to hold your hand to your head and heart for all of these until it finishes!)