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Join Date: March 2009
Avatar: Old Guy Jedi
Gender: Male
Guild(s): Torm's Super Awesome Team
Other Group(s): The Four Winds
Alternate Account(s): I can't be arsed to remember.
Banned Account(s): 2 to 4
Allies: The whole OT probably.
Enemies: Stupidity, also a friendly rivalry with The Mortonator.
Current Location: Unknown
Game Info
Class: Unknown if in-game and what class
Role-Play: The weird stuff

"The guy was a freakin' psychopath."


During the time when colleges went on spring break a void came into the forums as Bluestone's Meesh love drama began to die down. Into this void stepped the Torm, and it was good. Well, kind of good anyways. He was well-known for his wicked sense of witty humour, his habit of trolling those unworthy, and viciously flaming people who were idiots.

God of Trolls

He is Torm, god of Trolls, weilder of the great willow branch. He speaks only the truth. He is a great OTer if not the greatest. Many believe he is the greatest. People pretty much know he's not coming back, but some still have wishes. One simply has to make mention of Torm's great name, and the butthurt commences.

Torm quickly built up a near memeic following on the boards with allies and worshipers who would willing fight for him. The heavy satire of what others did struck a cord with many of the young learners of the ways of trolling. It was thus that he was able to gather most of the OT behind the baner of Torm's Super Awesome Team. Which was originally a joke title that caught on.

Meesh loves Torm. Like 100,000,000 times more than she loves Edward Cullen.

The Ban

"As soon as questions of will or decision or reason or choice of action arise, human science is at a loss."

- Torm's sig

The most infamous act by BioWare to date, Torm was banned. Although you could say that this was justified (He did send an incredibly abusive post to AmyCrider after the Old OT was purged) Torm's ban provoked mass outcries from many sectors of the OT community.


"What the hell is wrong with you assholes?"


Torm was found by Branch on Torm's Super Awesome Team's website. He gave the link for New OT and Torm followed it. When there he was reunited with TheMortonator, Callin and Scott. He became quick friends with Burkman when both had similar personalities and had a common love of the band, Primus.

He also came to hate Ulyaoth who was trying to fit into the Torn-Burkman love. Burkman yelled at Uly and Torm then threatened him.


Da faq is a Trom? -Scoot